Remote Elderly Monitoring

We help our seniors to maintain their independence and quality of life.

Care when it is needed the most.

Our artificial intelligence powered multi-sensor devices detect anomalies in movements, respiration, heart rate and puts seniors in contact with Vantek response team who will engage emergency services if needed.


Detecting chronic conditions at their onset.

24/7 monitoring and analyzing of key indicators of chronic conditions allows Vantek to raise concerns early on and increase chances of successful treatment.

Remote sensing

Vantek’s Lenus devices monitors different aspects of a healthy life without the constraint of having to be worn all the time, from a distance that does not interfere with Activities of Daily Living (ADL).


What Vantek Lenus Offer

Lenus is a multi-sensor platform enabling simultaneous capturing of acoustic and radar signals, and visual and thermal images. It includes multi-processor and programmable logic and communications connectivity.


Heart Rate Monitoring


Respiratory Monitoring


Temperature Monitoring


Fall Detection Monitoring


Accoustic Monitoring


Body Movement Monitoring

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