Vantek Innovations
features road safety as
its primary goal

Car safety

Be aware of unexpected road happenings

Safety Pal

Stay safe on the streets

Industry Safety

Early malfunction Detection system


Vantek is proud to be the first in the business of Road Safety applications and Industrial Safety applications with a right group of Engineers, Business and applied computing. Vantek Innovations is focused on three major units of Hardware, Software solution and Mobile Applications. All for one sole purpose of Human safety.

Vehicles Accidents

Drivers dont see emergency vehicles
Drivers dont see emergency vehicles
Drivers dont see emergency vehicles
Drivers dont see emergency vehicles
Drivers dont see emergency vehicles

Stay safe while making safety for others too

Our Solutions

Safety Pal is a mobile application built for Athletes, Joggers, Runners, Bikers, Pedestrian and everyone who wants to be safe while wearing headphones. Safety Pal even gives the user the opportunity to choose the particular voice which they want to hear while fully listen to their music.

Software solution early detection system, is a smart solution built in Vehicle IVI system, that alert the driver of approaching emergency vehicle.

Industrial early malfunctioning detection system architectured for Fabrication, Processings, and almost every industry with a noisy machinery.


Shayan Ebrahimi

Shayan combines an expert technical knowledge with a real eye for making a product with his marketing skills from the ADAS industry. Working with clients from a wide range of industries, he fully understands client objectives when working on a project, large or small.

Reza Mohammadnia

Reza is an experienced project manager from an extensive engineering background. He understands the synergy between hardware design and industrial effectiveness which shines through on every project.

Amin Hejazi

Director of Product Engineering

Joe Steyn

Chief Technology Officer

Hanieh Khalilian

Hanieh's skill of problem solving combine with a leadership in aglorithm design and implementation has always been a plus to our clients.

We Are Hiring!

Do you want to be one of us? it would be our pleasure to have you. Here we work hard every day to deliver our solutions to make a better world

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